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Academics and Students Interested in Religious Anarchism (ASIRA)


These are just a few of the many potential links to religious anarchist websites. The hope being to compile a fairly comprehensive list, you are very welcome to add more through the wiki.

See also links to ''Religious Anarchism: New Perspectives'', a book which many ASIRA members contributed to and which can be bought from the Cambridge Scholars Publishing website, the Amazon website, or elsewhere.

Religious anarchism in general:

Bas Moreel’s Religious Anarchism newsletter/journal.

Liberto Spirito, an Italian site on religious anarchism and the relationship between religion and freedom.

Christian anarchism:

The Catholic Worker Movement. See also

Jesus Radicals.

The blog associated to A Pinch of Salt.

Dave Andrews’s website.

The Jacques Ellul forum.

Vernard Eller’s ''Christian Anarchy''.

Leo Tolstoy’s ''The Kingdom of God is Within You''.

George Kennan’s “A Visit to Count Tolstoy”.

The Mormon Worker.

Catholic Anarchy.

Blog about Christian Anarchim.


Jesus for President.

L'Ère Nouvelle.

Akeldama (Greek Christian anarchists).

Plan Be - the Beatitudes and the Be-Attitudes Revolution.

Christian anarcho-capitalist pages:

Biblical Anarchism, by Stephen W. Carson.

Christian Libertarians, by Roy Halliday.

Jesus Is an Anarchist, by James Redford.

Vine & Fig Tree.

Other pages from ASIRA members:

Paul Stott's webpage.

Alexandre Christoyannopoulos' webpage.

André de Raaij's webpage.