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Dmytri Kleiner

I am the Technical Coordinator of the SGSA and responsible for the development, maintenance and support of our Wiki, Website, and Mailing list. Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions or comments you have.

contact information

  • email <dk AT REMOVETHIS trick DOT ca>

  • mobile +49 176 2400 8206


I am a Ukrainian-born Canadian, currently living in Berlin with my wife Franziska and my daughter Henriette. I speak English along with poor Russian and even worse German.

I am an independent computer programmer and systems administrator specializing in information/ database, Internet, and collaboration systems. I especially welcome work with educational or political organisations, and anyone who knows of such opportunity is welcome to contact me for my CV. I have over 15 years of professional experience. I am available for project-based consulting, presentations and work-shops, as well as part-time work, however I am not looking for full-time work unless it would be compatible with my personal interests. I am willing to travel under the right circumstances.

current projects

Venture Communism

Venture Communism is a proposed investment model and mode of production intended to embody Anarchist philosophy and serve as a transitional strategy to bring about a worker-controlled society.

The central unit is a "Venture Commune" which is a property sharing organisation intended to overcome some of the typical challenges that cause trouble for collective organisations, namely, property allocation, capital formation, and membership criteria.

Beyond the mechanics of the model, Venture Communism proposes that as political power is an extension of economic power, fundamental social change is impossible without a prior change in the mode of production. None of voting, lobbying, collective bargaining, or even revolutionary violence can achieve fundamental social change unless it is preceded by worker's organising their own production.

Venture Communism remains a sketch at this time, if anyone is interesting in supporting or contributing to this work towards the end of presenting a more vigorously elaborated body of theory, such participation from individuals or academic organisations is welcome.


Launched on may 1st, 2006, telekommunisten is the first proto Venture Communist enterprise, built using exclusively the labour of it's founders applied to commdity capital, telekommunisten has a built a hosted IP telephone exchange service (hosted VoIP PBX) for small organisations that provides an automated attendent, voice mail, conference rooms, and the ability to have phone numbers from all over the world as well as make cheap international phone calls. The service was started with no outside investors, and is comepletely owned by it's workers.

XPONA: eXchange in POst NAtion

XPONA is a pilot project presented as a part of the "Shrinking Cities/ Schrumpfende Städte" exhibition in the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst in Leipzig. The aim of the project is to promote the idea that refugees, migrants, the unemployed and other workers who are excluded from the formal economy represent a source of rejuvenation for struggling European economies, and to encourage community enrichment and integration by way of interpersonal direct-exchange.

XPONA is built on a wiki-framework so that anybody can add content and even modify the structure of the platform itself, including adding and expanding marketplaces for exchange.

Everyone is welcome to join and participate.

Tricked: The Hypertext Postprocessor

Tricked is an open source package that enables website integration by way of compositing the output of multiple http-based information sources and applications into a shared document space.

While Tricked is not yet in formal release, the SGSA public website and a few other sites currently employ the pre-release package.

BugMeNot: Firefox Extension

Bypass compulsory web registration via Firefox’s right-click context menu. Compatibile with Mozilla, Netscape, Flock, and current Firefox releases. Visit for full details of their service.

other noteworthy sites

Other sites which I have created that may be of interest to this group are:

Refugees Emancipation, Berlin/Brandenburg, Germany

Technical Center for Fine Arts and Computer Studies, Cameroon

Regent Park Community Focus, Toronto, Canada

No One Is Illegal Group, UK