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Gavin Grindon

I am a third year PhD student at the University of Manchester.

My current research looks at the development in the twentieth century of a thread of radical theoretical thought which has at its heart the concept of 'carnival' or 'festival' as a form of cultural experience with revolutionary social implications, produced by the forces of joy and desire. This thread is comprised of a number of groups and theorists: The College of Sociology, Henri Lefebvre and The Situationist International, Mikhail Bakhtin, the Italian autonomia and the North American anarchist milieu of the 1980s and 90s, exemplified by the writing of Hakim Bey, which has influenced the activity of Reclaim the Streets and the development of the contemporary practice of 'carnivals against capitalism' in the global justice movement.

My research page is here - GavinGrindon