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I just finished up my Phd from Edinburgh about reciprocal ethics as an alternative to sexual difference as a way of thinking about the self and others. This drew heavily on queer theory, existentialist ethics and poststructuralist and other contemporary approaches to anarchism, but the basic gist was an anarchist ethics to be applied to identity and the self. Also did an MPhil in Australia on the topic of Australian anarcho-punk and gender which laid the ground for my PhD by linking up poststructuralist anarchism and queer theory approaches to gender and sexuality.


Nicholas, Lucy (forthcoming) "" In R. Haworth (ed) Anarchist Pedagogies. Oakland, CA: PM Press.

- - - (2009). "A Radical Queer Utopian Future: A Reciprocal Relation Beyond Sexual Difference" thirdspace: a journal of feminist theory & culture 8(2). www

- - - (2007). "Approaches to Gender, Power and Authority in Contemporary Anarcho-punk: Poststructuralist Anarchism?" eSharp 9. www

Currently I am teaching Sociology part time at University of Portsmouth and working on publications.