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Martin Aldao

I´m a graduate student in Law and a researcher of the Instituto de Investigaciones Ambrosio L. Gioja, at Law School, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now I´m working on the juridical aspects of classic anarchist thought (mainly P. J. Proudhon, M. Bakunin, P. Kropotkin and M. Stirner) as a critic of mainstream legal theories.

I´m also working with a group of researchers (graduate and undergraduate) on anarchist thought. As a group (Grupo de Estudios sobre el Anarquismo) we have published a collection of articles about anarchist theory and some writings from not so famous anarchist as Carlo Cafiero, Ricardo Mella, Federico Urales, Juan Crusao and Rafael Barret. The book can be found here:

Last year I´ve been working with the spanish translation of Stirner´s The ego and it´s own, the book can be found here:


<aldaom AT REMOVETHIS gmail DOT com>