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Mitzi Waltz

I'm a lecturer in autism studies at the University of Birmingham. Previously, I was for several years senior lecturer in journalism at the University of Sunderland. I am a former journalist, and some may know me as a founding member of the Spunk Collective, a pioneering online publishing project specialising in digitisation of radical texts, or the Projectile Collective, which produced anarchist film festivals in Newcastle for several years.

I have a particular interest in disability studies, and in participatory and emancipatory methodologies for research. I also have a longstanding interest in alternative and activist media products, practices and philosophies.

I'm also the list manager for AnarchistAcademics, a mailing list whose purpose is fostering communication between anarchists in all sectors of academic life (including researchers outside of formal academic settings). Academics who are researching topics related to anarchism are also welcome. See: Anarchist_Academics

Most of my publications have only a tangetial connection to anarchism, if any at all, but representative publications that may be of interest include:

Waltz, M. (2009) “A User's Guide to Self-Help Literature (or, Who’s the Real Expert Here, Anyway?)” in: Bertelli, Y., Silverman, J. and Talbot, S. (eds.) My Baby Rides the Short Bus: The Unabashedly Human Experience of Raising Kids with Disabilities. Oakland, CA: PM Press.

Waltz, M. and James, M. (2009) “The (re)marketing of disability in pop: Ian Curtis and Joy Division,” Popular Music, 28 (3): pp. 367-38.

Waltz, M. (2008) “Autism=Death: The Social and Medical Impact of a Catastrophic Medical Model of Autistic Spectrum Disorders,” The Journal of Popular Narrative Media, 1 (1): pp. 13-24.

Waltz, M. (2007) "Making Room for Difference: An Anarchist Response to Disability," Fifth Estate, 3 (41).

Waltz, M. (2006) Alternative and Activist Media. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press.

Here's my Web site about my books, which desperately needs updating: