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Anarchism & Poststructuralism

Key Texts

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Nicholas, Lucy (2007). "Approaches to Gender, Power and Authority in Contemporary Anarcho-punk: Poststructuralist Anarchism?" eSharp 9. www <--This paper is concerned with the gender politics of the contemporary international anarchist punk scene which seemingly extends the punk 'DIY' ethic to gender. This extension results in politics that seek to deconstruct gender as a site of authority and reconstruct it in autonomous non-hierarchical terms. Contemporary anarcho-punk and hardcore politics often engage with gender politics in a way that demonstrates congruence between understandings of power and authority in poststructuralist accounts of gender and the anti-authoritarian or autonomous politics of this anarchism. The congruence is reflected in the domains considered to be 'political', in the way the term 'power' is understood, as well as in the modes of political action and 'resistance' considered effective. I suggest that DIY anarcho-punk shares with poststructuralism a productive notion of power, specifically in terms of gender, that resonates with the Butlerian notion of gender as a process or performative. Further, I explain that intervention is undertaken at discursive levels, resonating with poststructuralist assertions of the discursive productivity of power.

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