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Stevphen Shukaitis, Autonomedia / University of Essex, Essex Business School

Stevphen Shukaitis is an editor at Autonomedia and lecturer at the University of Essex. He is the editor (with Erika Biddle and David Graeber) of Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations // Collective Theorization (AK Press, 2007). His research focuses on the emergence of collective imagination in social movements and the changing compositions of cultural and artistic labor. For more on his work and writing, see

Books: Imaginal Machines: Autonomy & Self-Organization in the Revolutions of Everyday Life (forthcoming 2010, Autonomedia)

Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigation // Collective Theorization. Co-edited with David Graeber & Erika Biddle (2007, AK Press)

Edited: Berardi, Franco “Bifo” (2009) Precarious Rhapsody: Semiocapitalism and the pathologies of post-alpha generation (with Erika Empson). London/New York: Minor Compositions.

the commoner (with Nate Holdren) Number 11 “Re(in)fusing the Commons,” Spring/Summer 2006.

ephemera (with Stephen Dunne and Eleni Karamali) Volume 5 Issue 4 “Inscribing Organized Resistance,” November 2005.

Greenpepper Magazine “Life Beyond the Market,” August 2004.

Book Chapters: “Space is the (non)Place: Martians, Marxists, and the Outer Space of the Radical Imagination” (2009) Space Travel and Culture: From Apollo to Space Tourism (Sociological Review Monograph Series). Ed. David Bell and Martin Parker. Oxford: Blackwell: 98-113.

“Bastard Ethics. Minor Compositions” (forthcoming) Deleuze & Ethics. Ed. Nathan Jun. University of Edinburgh Press.

“Process is Praxis: Micropolitics and Direct Democracy” (forthcoming) Transnograhy: Ethnography and Transnational Social Movements. Edited Alex Khasnabish and Jeffrey Juris. Durham: Duke University Press.

“Beneath the Ethical, the Movement of the Social” (forthcoming) Business Ethics & Poststructural Philosophy. Ed. Rene Ten Bos and Mollie Painter-Morland. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

“Infrapolitics and the Nomadic Educational Machine” (2009) Contemporary Anarchist Studies: An Introduction to Anarchy in the Academy. Ed. Randall Amster et al. New York: Routledge.

“Pirate Utopias” and “Worker Self-Management,” (2007) Dictionary of Utopia and Alternative Organisation. Ed. Martin Parker et al. London: Zed Books.

Journal Articles: “Dance, Dance Recomposition: Recuperation & Its Discontents” (under review) ACME.

“Practice as a form of knowledge, knowledge as a form of action,” co-written with David Graeber (2009) Przegląd Anarchistyczny Number 9.

“Dancing Amidst the Flames: Imagination and Self-Organization in a Minor Key” (2008) Organization Volume 15 Number 5: 743-764. Lithuanian translation (2008) Athena: Filosfijos Studijos Number 4: 230-245.

“Plan 9 from the Capitalist Workplace: Insurgency, Originary Accumulation, Rupture” (2007) Situations: A Project of the Radical Imagination Volume 2 Number 2: 95-116.

“Affective Composition and Aesthetics: On Dissolving the Audience and Facilitating the Mob” (2007) Journal of Aesthetics & Protest. Japanese translation appeared in VOL: A Journal of Anti-authoritarian Activism & Theory Number 3 (2008).

“Mobicasting. Let 1,000 Machines Bloom,” co-written with Sophea Lerner and Adam Hyde, Framework: The Finnish Art Review Issue 4 (December 2005): 46-47. Also printed in Notework 2005 Number 2 (November 2005): 14-16 and ephemera Volume 5 Number X (December 2005) 770-773.

“Space. Imagination // Rupture: The Cognitive Architecture of Utopian Political Thought in the Global Justice Movement,” Sussex Journal of Contemporary History 8, Spring 2005: 1-14.

“An Ethnography of Nowhere: Notes Towards a Re-envisioning of Utopian Thinking,” Social Anarchism Number 35 (January 2004): 5-13. To be reprinted in New Perspectives on Anarchism. Ed. Nathan Jun and Shane Wahl (2009) Lexington Books.

“Organizing In, Around, and Despite the Academy,” with Michael Hardt, David Graeber, Stanley Aronowitz, Jeanette Gabriel, Brooke Lehman, and Luca Casarini, Radical Society Volume 30 Number 384 (October-November 2003): 87-95.

“Tragedy of the Common: Markedness and the Creation of Mundane Tragedy,” co-written with Rachel Lichtenfeld, Journal of Mundane Behavior 3.3 (September 2002): 391-401. Reprinted in The Curious Reader: Exploring Personal and Academic Inquiry, 2/E. Edited Bruce Ballenger and Michelle Payne (New York: Longman, 2005)

Popular Writing: “The Metropolitan Factory,” co-written with Valeria Graziano (2009) The City from Below: Baltimore’s Independent Reader Number 12.

“Workers’ Inquiry, Militant Research, and the Business School” (2009) Fifth Estate Volume 44 Number 1.

“Revelation Vertigo” (2007) Fifth Estate Volume 42 Number 1.

“Citizenship Despite the State? Imagination, Incorporation, and the Evolution of the Global Sphere” (2007) Perspectives on Anarchist Theory Volume 11 Number 1: 78-83.

“Whose Precarity Is It Anyways?” (2006) Fifth Estate Volume 41 Number 3.

“Nietzsche ve Anarşizm Soruşturması” (with Lewis Call, Jesse Cohn, Karén Karapetyan, Todd May, and Simon Tormey) Siyahî 2.7 (Spring 2006): 8-25.

“Çokluk Üzerine Michael Hardt le Söyle” (Interview with Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, with Sureyyya Evren and Kurzad Kiziltug), Siyahi Issue 3 (Spring 2005).

“Contesto, creazione, comunità” (Context, creation, community), DeriveApprodi Volume 13 Number 3 (December 2003): 59-63.

Numerous articles on politics, arts, culture, and social movements in publications such as Greenpepper, Slingshot, Wiretap, Common Voice, Indymedia, Pocono Record, Stroud Courier, Info.Interactivist and other publications

Book Reviews: “Operaismo, Autonomia, and the Emergence of New Social Subjects,” Perspectives on Anarchist Theory Volume 9 Number (Fall 2005): 59-63. Review of Grammar of the Multitude by Paolo Virno, State Work: Public Administration and Mass Intellectuality by Stefano Harney, and Storming Heaven: Class Composition and Struggle in Italian Autonomist Marxism by Steve Wright

Social Anarchism Number 27 (December 2004): 107 – 110. Review of On the Justice of Roosting Chickens: Reflections on the Consequences of U.S. Imperial Arrogance by Ward Churchill

“The Revolution Will Not be Engineered: Community Planning, Rationality, and the Quest for Utopia,” New Formulation Volume 2 Number 2 (December 2003): 31-35. Review of Sustainable Communities: The Potential for Eco-Neighborhoods edited by Hugh Barton and Seeing Like a State: How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed by James C. Scott