Anarchist Studies Network

A PSA Specialist Group for the Study of Anarchism.


ASN members secure £250k research grant from the ESRC. See here

Rowman & Littlefield Int publish two book series by ASN members Saul Newman and Ruth Kinna

Anarchism and Political Science

Anarchist Approaches in Empirical Political Analysis

The Continuing Relevance of Proudhon?


Religious Anarchisms

Libertarian Communism

Anarchist Praxis

Re-Imagining Revolution

Community Action - What can people do where they live to change the world?

Anarchism and Climate Change

Anarchism and Pedagogy

Reclus, Kropotkin and Anarchism in Higher Education

Anarchism and Ethics

Anarchist Ethics, Responsibility and Health


Anarchism and Moral Philosophy

Anarchism and Political Economy

Anarchism, labour and syndicalism

Anarchism and Representation

Half Truth Movement – The Dangers of the 9/11 ‘Truth’ Cult

Modernity, Third World and “Third Spaces”

Anarchism and Psychoanalysis

The Possibility of an Anarchist Psychoanalysis