Anarchist Studies Network

A PSA Specialist Group for the Study of Anarchism.


ASN members secure £250k research grant from the ESRC. See here

Rowman & Littlefield Int publish two book series by ASN members Saul Newman and Ruth Kinna

Reading Lists

An anarchist frequently has insights into non-political problems; -- since adherence to any doctrine, attachment to any institution on the necessity of conformance is not a sine qua non of his allegiance, radicals can be especially fortunate and free; they may examine all with an unattached eye, and their freedom will flow from their analysis, not their analysis from their previous commitments. --Dachine Rainer (1947)

Where do you start if you want an anarchist angle on a given topic? The following are a set of subject based reading lists. They are not intended to be definitive, but we hope you find them useful.

* Anarchist Labour History

* Anarchist Presses

* Anthropology

* Anti-capitalism 101

* Architecture and Urbanism

* Art History

* Chaos & Complexity

* Citizenship

* Criminology

* Education

* Ecology

* Economics

* Film History

* Gender

* International Relations

* Law

* Literary History

* Literary Theory and Criticism

* Methodologies

* Philosophy

* Political Theory

* Poststructuralism

* Psychology

* Race Ethnicity

* Religion and Spirituality

* Sexuality

* Science Fiction and Fantasy

* Sociology

* Sports

* Writing